IQonsulting table grape yearbook now available.

Nicolás Bustamante 12 Aug 2019

The most complete analysis of the Chilean table grape season is available.


Colombian avocado exports on the rise.

Gonzalo Salinas 07 Aug 2019

The accumulated exported volumes up to July 21st are 50% greater than the same period of 2018.


High prices for the Southern Hemisphere Royal Gala supply in China.

Gonzalo Salinas 17 May 2019



The maximum prices for a 19 kilogram box were near 400 RMB.



Chilean nectarine season in China ends.

Gonzalo Salinas 07 May 2019


The 2018/19 season ended with a new record volume.



Last weeks of the Chilean Plum season in China.

Gonzalo Salinas 22 Apr 2019

A strong increase in the sugarplums has been observed this season.


Organic blueberry exports from Chile show a strong increase this season

Isabel Urrutia 24 Jan 2019

Up to week 03, shipments have increased 55% compared to previous season


Photo session to fields with clean technologies for the CTCN Report 2018

Josefina Hernández 26 Nov 2018


"Analysis of agrifood chains in Chile and opportunities for the use of Clean Technologies by SMEs "


Course for Rain Forest Alliance certification - RAS Standard

Josefina Hernández 14 Nov 2018

On October 30 and 31, a course of the RAS 2017 was held, which is required for the Rain Forest Alliance of Sustainable Agriculture certification.


Trends in the Chilean exports of new apple varieties.

Nicolás Bustamante 09 Aug 2019

The exports have shown dynamism in terms of varieties shipped.


Chilean kiwifruit season progress in Europe Continent and China

Gonzalo Salinas 10 Jul 2019

The quality of the Chilean supply has been reported better than last year.


Chilean White Seedless Table Grape season is finishing in the US market

Isabel Urrutia 13 May 2019

High prices and low supply were the market trend in the final stage of the Chilean season.


New 2018/19 Sweet Cherry Yearbook available now.

Gonzalo Salinas 07 May 2019


The most complete analysis of the Chilean Sweet Cherry season has been published.



Table grape market in the USA. High prices and low supply from Chile

Isabel Urrutia 11 Feb 2019

Considering shipments until week 05, a fall of 36% compared to the previous season is observed


Better prices for the initial part of the Chilean sweet cherry season in Guangzhou.

Gonzalo Salinas 12 Dec 2018

Considering the prices between November 3rd and December 11th, it is observed that the daily average prices are 15% higher than the previous season.


Peruvian avocado exports to Chile continue to increase.

Gonzalo Salinas 21 Nov 2018

The exports to Chile increase 203%


Release from Chilean Blueberry Committee

iQ / Chilean Blueberry Commitee 13 Nov 2018