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  • 01 Market Information

    Yearbooks: The Yearbooks are a publication made entirely by iQonsulting, which contains an analysis of the season of the most relevant export fruit species for the country. They analyze the performance of Chile and its main competitors in terms of production, exports and market prices, among other factors. To see the publications go to the following link: iQonsulting Yearbooks

    iFruit: It is an indicator consultation system that is always updated and shows critical values ​​that are marked in the development of the season of any species.

    iNews: News generated and edited by iQonsulting regarding the current situation of the export of fresh fruit from Chile and its competitors. iNews iQ consulting

  • 02 iQnews

    iNews: News generated and edited by iQonsulting regarding the current situation of the export of fresh fruit from Chile and its competitors. iNews iQ consulting

  • 03 Advise

    We advise our clients with strategic information for the analysis of their products and markets and in the development of innovative business plans for the short, medium and long term. Among our advisors are companies from the fresh fruit export industry; exporters and related businesses, trade associations, banks and financial institutions, investment funds and the media.

  • 04 Study

    Market studies of the national and international agriculture and food industry. We develop, prospect and identify trends and opportunities in international markets for the export of fresh and processed fruit. We have 10 years of experience preparing studies for both public institutions and private companies.

  • 05 Participation in Seminars

    Constant participation in different seminars, normally as lecturers giving in these spaces our vision and knowledge of the markets.

About Us


iQonsulting is a Market Consultant founded by Isabel Quiroz in 2008. It is focused on providing innovative solutions that increase the value of its clients' products. With extensive experience in the development of studies and advice for various players in the fresh fruit export market, but since 2018 also in areas of sustainability and environmental management. We provide services of a) advice on issues of production estimation, export, demand and market trends; b) generating specialized publications and c) carrying out market studies, diagnostics of competitiveness and definition of technological gaps.


iQonsulting has the mission of acting as a connector between the different agents of the agricultural industry, linking people, ideas, information, intelligence and innovation.


  • Provide up-to-date information and intelligent analysis.
  • Develop market studies.
  • Articulate innovation projects.
  • Guide the adoption of new technologies to move towards precision agriculture.


Our vision is to be opinion leaders in the field of the agricultural industry. With our consultancies, we want to guide the implementation of state-of-the-art technology and illuminate the aspects to innovate in the production process and the trade of agricultural products.


People who make up the iQonsulting team.

Isabel Quiroz

Directora ejecutiva

Camila Miranda

Project Manager

Isabel Urrutia

Dirección de estudios

Nicolas Muhlenbrock

Market Analyst

Ricardo Quiroz


Kadel Quiroz

ITC assistant

Daniela Alfaro

Database manager

Karina Rubio

Market Analys

Magdalena Cepeda

Market Analist

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